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Combined Instrument Transformers (CT &VT)

Combined Instrument Transformers (CT & VT)


Would you consider money,
space, stability, non ferro-resonance,
explosion proof on your substations?
If YES, then choose


Advantages of Koncar Combi Units
  • combination of current transformer AGU and inductive voltage transformer VPU, it features all advantages of both transformer types
  • Ability to satisfy high-precision measurement accuracy and protection classes
  • Ability to satisfy special protection accuracy classes: TPS, TPX, TPY, TPZ
  • Voltage transformer magnetic core is open, limb-type – solution unique in the world
  • Design unique in the world, protected by international patent
  • Compact solution of combined current and voltage transformer, with unique main insulation
  • High-end main insulation, resistant to lightning and induced over voltages
  • Maintaining of designated accuracy class during entire transformer lifetime
  • Fulfilment of customer special demands - Tailor-made product
  • Experience in design and production of instrument transformers for seismically active, highly polluted and extreme climatic areas
  • Experience in production of combined instrument transformers for highest voltage levels (up to 525 kV)
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimum quantity of transformer oil and exceptional reliability make it environmentally acceptable product
  • Completely protected from corrosion
  • Transformer lifetime over 40 years

Main Features

  • Um: 72,5 up to 525 kV
  • Ability to satisfy all measurement and protection accuracy classes
  • In: up to 6000 A
  • Up to 10 cores in current transformer
  • Up to 4 secondary windings in voltage transformer
  • Thermal oil expansion is compensated by stainless steel bellows. It is also oil level indicator.
  • Insulator can be porcelain or composite (silicone)
  • According to all standards (IEC, ANSI/IEEE, GOST...)