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Inductive Voltage Transformers (VT)

Indctive Voltage Transformers

Koncar manufacturers of explosion –proof transformers.

Many utilities experience at least one explosion every year in substations due to instrument transformers failures. Koncar provides explosion proof Inductive voltage transformers.
  • Koncar IVT’s are Non- ferroresonance type due to open core design
  • Ability to satisfy high-precision measurement accuracy and protection classes
  • Maintaining of designated accuracy class during entire transformer lifetime
  • Fulfilment of customer special demands - Tailor-made product
  • Magnetic core is open, limb-type – solution unique in the world
  • High thermal burden - up to 2500 VA in standard design, higher ratings possible
  • Experience in production of inductive voltage transformers for highest voltage levels (up to 525 kV)
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimum quantity of transformer oil and exceptional reliability make it environmentally acceptable product
  • High-end main insulation
  • Resistance to short-circuit within primary winding – thanks to sectioned primary winding
  • Experience in design and production of instrument transformers for seismically active, highly polluted and extreme climatic areas
  • Completely protected from corrosion
  • Transformer lifetime over 40 years
  • Tradition, production and service experience of inductive voltage transformers type VPU for more than 50 years

Main Features

  • Um: up to 525 kV
  • Ability to satisfy all measurement and protection accuracy classes
  • Up to 5 secondary windings
  • High thermal burden – up to 2500 VA
  • Thermal oil expansion is compensated by stainless steel bellows. It is also oil level indicator.
  • Insulator can be porcelain or composite (silicone)
  • According to all standards (IEC, ANSI/IEEE, AS...)