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Metal Enclosed Gas SF6 Insulated Switchgear

New metal-enclosed gas SF6 insulated switchgear type K8D9 and K9D7 for 72.5 kV to 300 kV is characterized with high-tech quality, contemporary technical solutions and high reliability as a result of many years of experience of production of metal-enclosed switchgears using contemporary methods and tools in the development of those switchgears.
Switchgear type K8D9 for 72.5 kV to 170 kV
During designing of switchgear, computer workstations and adequate software were used for electrical

and mechanical
The basic characteristics of K8D9 and K9D7 switchgear are:

  • Small dimensions and weight
  • System adaptability which allows different  installation layouts
  • Accessibility to all standard modules, low noise level thanks to fully   enclosed switching and mechanism
  • Flexibility in setting up of standard circuit arrangements fast for easy transportation and assembly due to modular structure
  • Low  maintenance cost
  • Minimal gas loss because of reliable sealing system
  • Safety for operating personnel because for full enclosure of   switchgear safe operations by personnel due to full enclosure of Switchgear
  • Acceptable for environment because of minimal space taking, low   noise level, minimal gas losses and high reliability wich is sutable for   urban centers
  • Environmental friendly due to low noise level,minimal gas loes and high reliability and highly suitable for urban centers.

Switchgear single line
calculations and that approach resulted with excellent characteristics including high safety standards.

Switchgear type K9D7 up to 300 kV




Technical Data
Rated voltage 72.5 kV 123 kV 145 kV 170 kV 245 kV 300 kV
Rated frequency
withstand voltage
140 kV 230 kV 275 kV 325 kV 460 kV 460 kV
Rated lightning impulse
withstand voltage 1.2/50 µs
325 kV 550 kV 650 kV 750 kV 1050 kV 1050 kV
Rated short-time current
40 kA -3s
Peak withstand current
100 kA
Rated current busbars
up to 3150 A
Rated breaking current
up to 40 kA
Peak making current
up to 100 kA
Rated current
up to 3150 A
Switching cycle
O-0.3s-CO-3 min.-CO
Make time
60 ms
Break time (arcing time)
54 (24) ms