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Research & Development

Development of Smart Transformers and Integrated Remote Power Management Solutions

Based on experiences and data collected in installing and managing power transformers in the field EPCI and its partners have recognised an opportunity to develop more flexible and efficient power transformer management. This has coincided with an industry shift in the development of ’Smart’ Grid technologies.

EPCI supplies transformers which are certified and accredited to ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001. EPCI works closely with international standard body CIGRE. It is committed towards up-holding long-term consistent quality, high reliability and stringent operational procedures and rigorous QA testing to ensure that a high standard of quality is maintained throughout the design, manufacturing, testing and packing process’s within the company. All Instrument Transformers are factory Routine tested and selectively Type Tested at its own research lab to uphold quality. All units are delivered factory tested and then packed with factory set markings with no sub-assemblies. This leaves no room for errors during site assembly or the need for an expert erector.

During implementation of various Power Transformers significant data has been collected on failures of Transformers in operation.

Transformer failures while very expensive to the customers, could also lead to significant health & safety issue around the Transformer geographical area due to potential fire and electrocution. Two main aspects seem to contribute to catastrophic Transformer failures:

  1. Design of the Transformers are such the Oil within the transformer heats up either due to malfunction and/or due to external factors like lightning
  2. No safety valves are in place to release any undue oil pressure to diffuse and potential blow out of Transformers and subsequent fire
  3. No early detection and/or warning are available to the central control centre to take any preventative measures either isolate or warn neighboring areas to impending safety and fire issues.

EPCI are working collaboratively with Caason Technologies, our design partners, to investogate innovative technologies which include sense and response power transformer management, integration of various power devices for power management and control.

This collaborative effort is being conducted in Melbourne Australia.